Behind the Lens

meet me; Ingrid Kuenzel

I love my family; my daughters, my husband, my beagle, my parents.  I love the oceans, the mountains, the earth. I’ve been accused of being a foodie, a coffee snob and wino with good reason. My favorite sports are scuba diving, skiing & yoga.  The languages and way of life of other cultures fascinate me.  Off the beaten track traveling is my passion because it allows me to experience all of these amazing things together in the perfect blend.  As a closet conservationist I struggle daily with the challenge of making the ‘green’ choice for everything I do.  On a good day, when I am organized, I try to capture life and all it has to offer… one frame at a time

the logo

crazy circles are a departure from my past life of ridged ‘banker blue’
they represent the random way in which everything is connected, yet guide focus around the subject at hand
not having ever been much of a girly-girl; magenta (serious pink) is in honour of my two amazing girlies

the name

I Kue   (I kû)   obviously from my name but also the”eye” “cue” for me to take that snapshot with a real camera and not just trying to find space in my brain to remember the amazing moment that just passed without the ability to share it with anyone else

the shark ‘I’

by coincidence I found an insanely awesome font that used this shark & ball for the ‘I’
being a serious shark lover I simply couldn’t resist!  ‘nuf said

pausing between underwater shots

in search of the perfect shot