36:52 crash course in video filming

It’s Thursday night.  I fall exhausted into bed, determined to get a good sleep despite it already being way too late.  Alas, less than two hours later I am awake … mentally running through the day that awaits me with the ‘monkey’ on my right shoulder saying “you can dooo iiit!” and the one on the left telling me “are you crazy?  you don’t know how to film… you are gonna blow it!”.  Brushing them off I roll over in an attempt to catch some more shut eye.

Almost instantly morning arrives and I drag my groggy butt out of bed.  Getting ready, I make a bold move and grab my favourite crop jeans before the weather turns much cooler.  Yup, the ones I haven’t fit into for the past year.  Not sure if I was being overly optimistic or just wanting to start the day completely grumpy.  Thank-fully a month of disciplined healthy eating has paid off and they fit again.  Whew, that was close!  Feeling better I grab my camera gear, purse and a small healthy bit of breakfast (want to make sure the jeans fit for the whole day).  Out the door, down to my favorite camera store for a rental camera and a crash course in film making.  Fortunately the newer version of my beloved ‘still foto’ camera comes with video so it wasn’t a complete quantum leap for me, particularly since I could still use my favorite lens.  Jordan, the camera & film guru, sets up the programming and teaches me the basics of managing light for film… and then he hooks me up with the mic.  Ok, I’ve got it!  I can doooo iiiit!  Thank you positive monkey on the right.

Off to film some supporters who have been instrumental in helping with the local shark fin ban campaign that I am involved with… they don’t know this but they are my guinea pigs.  Ssshhh, don’t tell.  After roughly an hour and a half I am pretty pleased with everything I have.  I even waited to accidentally erase the email with the scripted lines for everyone to say (from the producer/director/general film god) until nearer the end of this adventure.  And I managed to wing the rest.  Well that’s a wrap, that wasn’t so bad, I think to myself while heading back to my car will all my gear.  Plenty of time to get to the next stop.  The equipment is gently being dismantled and placed securely in my vehicle and as I am removing the mic I notice…. I NEVER TURNED IT ON!  ‘I told you that you were going to blow it!’ the dumb-ass left monkey reminds me.  In horror I put the gear down, circle the car three times while staring at my iPhone trying to decide who to call to fix this, while muttering to myself, ‘oh no, oh crap’ repeatedly.  By the third lap, I have come to the conclusion that I better figure out a do-over and calmly walk back to one of the supporting groups and announce that… “um, well, I screwed up!”  We re-shoot one of the most critical lines but half the gang is now gone and then I am out of time.

Back to the car and off to my appointment.  I have to film a great guy who offered to help with our shark project.  So why the rush?

Well, after two months of emails, phone messages and scheduling insanity his awesome assistant managed to wrangle us 15 minutes today… short notice though with only 36 hours lead time.  After two months I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go missed.  I grovelled to the professional movie team – everyone was booked, begged some other great film guys I know… booked.  Plan ‘C’?  Fake it till you make it!  So here I am with rented gear shooting a video of one Calgary’s most amazing personalities and yes, this time the mic is ON.  Better yet he is a pro & I had printed his lines out on old school paper so they weren’t lost.  I set up before he comes into the board room and then push the record button while he does his thing.

He even humored me by taking a few pictures with him after. Thanks Mr. Brett Wilson, it was a pleasure to meet you & we will see you soon in our short film  :)

me & the other “Mr. Wilson”

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