Yahoo, I won!

a huge thanks to all of you for voting for me & commenting on my blog entry to get us back to the Galapagos.  thanks for just plain supporting my crazy ideas in general.  from shaving sharks to my foto aspirations the positive energy you send fuels my fires and keeps me exploring new adventures. now I am hoping to improve on taking you with me as i explore, even if you are just joining me from the comfort of your home computer.

hugs & much love to all of you!

Quasar asked for some pictures of me but i am usually behind the camera.  after a bit of digging i found some of these fun ones my hubby took of me, a bit of tweaking in photoshop and viola :)

in search of the perfect shot

panga ride with terrific guide   (our live-aboard in background)

pausing between underwater shots


communing with sea lions



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