26:52 foto school week4

ok – what i learned in foto-school was that coming up with a creative shot to ‘make/stage’ and executing that idea was definitely not my forte!  this week it took me until day 6 to think of the idea (which is pretty good) and then i had 24 hrs to execute.  to say i lacked in execution is to put it mildly, but at least i do know what i need to do in order to execute, which is a solid step in the right direction.  i will spare you of this awful pic but when i re-shoot i promise to share :)

now for the good news; of the 4 of us left standing we all found a ‘style’ that we naturally gravitated towards which was totally cool!  one lovely lady consistently shot calm, soothing nostalgic pics, her friend by contrast was unbelievably creative shooting utterly amazing compositions.  the token gentleman in the group loved shooting people, particularly his girls, from a comfortable observation distance of a tele-lens but broke his comfort with some cool creative composition as well…. and me?  ah, well yes…. when i reverted to what i loved shooting the best i got the most compliments.  raw, wide angle, in your face people and things, spur of the moment, whatever catches my eye!

so what did i really learn then?  (1) that it’s OK to not have the perfect shot if it captures the essence of the moment (apparently they call that photo-journalistic, pretty fancy, eh?)  (2) that the more i keep shooting the faster i will be able to set up my camera and better i will become at capturing more moments with my camera & not just my brain!  thank you all for your support and constructive critiques.
Matt (& Susan), thank you for an inspiring 5 week workshop!

backyard contradictions (not submitted in class)

backyard contradictions (not submitted in class)

flowers for mum - my favourite!

lilacs for mum - my favorite!

call favorite from me this week

class favorite from me this week

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