15:52 Frohe Ostern

this was the first year we could dye some eggs together as a family and leave them for the Easter bunny to hide for us.  lucky us, he brought us some chocolate eggs too!  any holiday is all of a sudden so much more fun when you get to watch innocent eyes wide with excitement on these special days… i just wish i could bottle the cuteness to keep these moments forever (or sell it for a small fortune and retire!)  hahaha

i digress, here are some of our hidden eggs and a cool shot of the east morning light flooding in through a clerestory window highlighting B’s newly crafted bunny ears that she insisted went on the front of her head

Easter morning sun

standing egg

bunny "droppings"

egg-stravagant music



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  • Daddy David
    April 18, 2012 - 00:09am

    It was a truly festive morning… The girls were WIRED after frantically stuffing as much chocolate into themselves as possible before Mummy and Daddy caught on… Those little fingers have remarkable dexterity with the right motivation… And, CHOCOLATE is surely the right motivation for these little bunnies.

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