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saving sharks is a big job and doesn’t pay the bills but it is sure rewarding!  my passion stems not only from a pure love of the ocean & the planet we occupy, but most notably my scuba diving honeymoon adventure in the Galapagos.   by some stroke of luck I have been given the opportunity to compete in a Galapagos travel blog with the prize being a trip back there to become the tour companies ‘official blogger’… how awesome is that???

i need your help… i need you to vote for my blog (unless you really don’t like it) and help me win a trip back to the Galapagos, not just for me, but for my family
click at the top of my Galapagos post to LIKE my post and if you have time then ‘sign up’ with Quasar Galapagos Expeditions on the left side to VOTE for me at the bottom of my post…. i like lots of stars!

i am rapidly learning the necessity of social media in today’s world, much to my chagrin and at the source of considerable amusement for my dearest fellow shark saving pals. :)  the time has come for this newbie to cross over to the dark side.   i have joined the countless ranks of Facebookers with a new page for ikue foto where followers (that’s you LIKEing me) will be able to receive updates whenever there is a new blog post from me.

thanks & much love

view from 'Master & Commander'

Bartolome stairs


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  • christine wignall
    May 8, 2012 - 16:30pm

    Great photos Ingrid, you’ve worked so hard to save the sharks you should definitely get to go and swim with them again….Christine/Mum

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