12:52 zoo day

one of our favorite things is going to the zoo and this time i remembered by camera.  with no flash or tripod/monopod and a wide angle lens i had to push the boundaries of my skill to get anything through the glass in the dark indoor animal spaces (it was cold & overcast thus darker than usual inside).  holding my breath and hand-holding the camera i shot these as slow as i possibly could, then cropped out the subject in lieu of using a more appropriate zoom lens… just for the sake of trying something new.  i think they are kind of a fun example of pushing the limits of your gear

hysterical meerkat @ F2.8 , 1/40sec (no glass)

staring lemur @ F2.8, 1/80sec shooting straight up

parrot through glass into dark enclosure @ F2.8, 1/50sec

baby gorilla @ F2.8, 1/30sec through glass

...and my favorite; wrinkly gorilla appendages @ F.2.8, 1/60sec through glass


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