7:52 Calgary winter dawn

feeling a bit under the weather and couldn’t sleep so I decided to head up to the office at 5:30am to post my blog 2 weeks ago (5:52)
NO, I am definitely not a morning person for anyone who knows me and is reading this twice because they can’t believe there eyes at the time :)

anyway, as I was about to run down to get the munchkins up  when I glanced out the window to see this amazing dawn over the city… grabbed my camera & tripod and ran out on the deck with them.  ran back in for a towel to stand on before I froze my bare feet, then proceeded to shiver in my PJs while shooting but it was worth it! (-8 C)

took my favourite shot and played with some interesting colours just for fun.
liked them so much i printed all 3 of them on 15″ x 6″ canvas’s – they turned out pretty groovy.
(had to wait to post this blog – happy Valentines DW, xoik)
feel free to share which one you like best in your comments, I personally still can’t decide

Calgary winter dawn

as shot tweaked

hue skew left

hue skew right

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