2:52 traditions in macro

in many parts of Europe Santa brings the tree and the gifts on Christmas Eve and the tree remains up until Orthodox Christian New Year, based on the Gregorian Calendar, January 14.  our tradition has been modified for the sake of sanity with the tree going up in the last few days prior to Christmas but we still leave it up until roughly the Orthodox new year, thereby enjoying our tree for three weeks much like everyone else, just on a later schedule

while preparing to take our tree down I was inspired to play around with my 100mm macro lens and various apertures to try and capture some of our favourite ornaments while honing my skills.  I learned a bunch and hopefully next time I will get better results with less shots taken… the endless quest of every photographer, amateurs and pro’s alike

ornament created by G & B, Dec 2011

detail of hand carved tree @ f2.8, actual size 1"

skiing snowman @ f16

through the branches @ f29


  • Daddy David
    January 20, 2012 - 09:56am

    Very Festive! Almost makes up for the 3 hours it took your Mum and I to take off the lights. I found pine needles in my underpants that night… The tree was so dry that static electricity would have lit it up… like a Christmas tree…

    Keep it up! Great Pics!

  • Lisa Kathleen
    January 20, 2012 - 10:10am

    Wow – these are awesome! We sometimes try to keep our tree up until my birthday, mid-February, but I think it might have to come down sooner this year, before it turns completely yellow:)
    Lisa Kathleen

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