1:52 Happy New Year!

in 2011, with the significant help of my dear friend Krista, i finally managed to get this website established
thank-you so much Krista!

in 2012 i thought i would take on the challenge of a “Project 365” (posting a foto-blog a day)…
then reality hit; 2 kids under 3, running my ‘paying’ business and saving sharks, when would i ever fit it in?
however i did want to actually spend some time improving my photography skills and commit to spending some time doing something I love so much

welcome to the first edition of Project 52!  one foto-blog a week for a year

these two are some of my favourites that I found while making the 2011 family yearbook last month & shot last year

both fotos are dedicated to Franki.  thank you for your most amazing ‘sisterhood’ over the past 35 years!
Wow, that makes us sound old doesn’t it?!?     xoik

wee Vulcan... making Spock proud

good ol' prairie train ride


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