43:52 the champagne saber-er

Michael isn’t your ordinary connoisseur of the liquid gold, nor a mere sommelier, he is one of a few in Canada trained in the fine art of ‘the saber’

surely you have hear a tall tale told or watched some Zorro like film where the hero uses his sword to open a celebratory bottle of champagne… well, here is the real deal – Michael and his ‘saber’

i was sent to shoot him and a special bottle of Krug but once I realized his opening talents I had to at least get a picture of the coveted weapon.  hopefully I will get an invite to photograph him actually chopping the top off a real bottle soon.  i was told in no uncertain terms that this bottle was far to pricey to play with but we did sneak in a bit of fun anyway :)      (more shots can be found in the December issue of Culinaire magazine)

reflections of champagne

when it’s this good, why not drink it from the bottle?

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