42:52 good food guru

this Canadian boy makes some seriously great fresh food; simple with a hint of Asian spice and fusion flare with out the “con-fusion”.  his new restaurant has awesome photographic art on the walls (no, sadly not mine) comfortable booths and a fantastic bar.  when I arrived mid afternoon Darren was running on full speed, a multi-tasking chef and business owner, sorting out the evenings menu details, ordering local produce for the next days, answering the phone, keeping the bar and sous chefs on task and trying to decide if he had enough time to shave for the pictures

my answer?  unshaven is the real you, take 5 and relax… tell me what do you do at the end of the night when you are winding down after everyone is gone?  what is your drink of choice?  after a few deep breaths with a beer in hand we got some great pictures while enjoying a terrific brief conversation before Darren returned to the controlled chaos that comes with running an amazing restaurant
looking forward to a date night with my hubby there very soon :)

a comfortable perch

a swig of beer to take things down a notch

animated conversation


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